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Model Technical Specifications
Max. Speed 150m/min
Printing Color 2Colors
Max. Web Width 340mm
Range of Printing 10''-24''
Max. Unwinding Diameter 1050mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter 1050mm
Printing Precision Accuracy ±0.1mm
Rotary Die Cutting Accuracy ±0.15mm
Max. Label Die Cutting Speed 100m/min
Pre –registration Datelogic Color Sensor
Power 50KW 50/60HZ
Air Supply 0.8KPA
Dimensions (L×W×H) 7400x1450x2150mm
Machine Weight 4500KG

Features of SMART FLEXO:

Automatic web guider, Performance servo direct driven system, Excellent tension control, Pre-register system by high accuracy, 3times paper saving, Qualified electric parts/components, Success customized HMI design,

Super Quality: The SMART flexo printing machine can accurately present the details and clarity of the image, and the printed product is of very high quality, giving your product a competitive advantage.

Cost and Efficiency: 3times paper saving comparing to traditional printing machine,we wish all label printers benefit from technology innovation,advanced and proper design make higher efficiency which can reach out less timing and material to fulfill maximum printing jobs.

Tips: Comparing to the price and operating cost of digital press,flexo printing machines are low. Flexographic plates, inks and auxiliary materials are affordable and easy to maintain.

Environment Friendly: The inks and materials used in flexo printing machines are  environment friendly. Flexographic printing produces less water, ink and waste than other printing methods and has a lower environmental impact.


Paper: Art paper,adhesive label,coated paper, art paper, etc.

Cartons for packaging.

Plastic film: such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET) and clear on clear adhesive label etc.

Metal foil: such as aluminum foil.

Flexible packaging materials: such as food packaging bags, beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging , etc.

In addition,Smart flexographic printing machines can also print many other types of materials, such as various cellulose matrix materials, conductive materials, rubber, etc. Whether in the manufacture of boxes, labels or stickers, flexo printing


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