ADS-280AHLI Full Auto High Speed Oblique Type Multi-Function Label Printing Machine

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1.Designed by oblinque march system,That Clip Shell movement would be provide with ever,pressure when;

2.Process the heavy solid printing or narrow words;

3.Fast and esay set-up in pre-prnting work,it minimzes the loss of testing-run materials amd cuts down the label cost in hungeness;

4.Easy operation solving the shortage of shilled operaton;

5.Printing speed is vanable with in the range of 50-170imprints/min;

6.Dre-Cutting head is separate from print to have fast registration;

7.The Cutting base of forming can be adjusted to left/right. Up/down.or cross angular synchronously;

8.Equipped with Laminating device in between the printing and Die-cutting Stations will complete the Printing Laminating-Die-Cutting by single process;

9.Compact combination of inking,pressing and material feeding makes printing/result fersh and consistent;

10.Lower power requirde and minimum space occupide Easy maintenance,Equipped with forced lubricating system to prevent moving parts from wear-out or suitable for high speed running

Technical Specifications


Chase Dimension

280 × 500mm

Max.print area (1-2Color)

270 × 244mm

Max.print area (3Color)

270 × 158mm

Max.print area (4Color)

270 × 116mm

Max.Hot-stamping area

260 × 140mm

Max.Die-cutting Dimension

270 × 290mm

Max.paper width


Max.paper Forward


Printing speed/rph


Machine accuracy


Machine Size (L×W×H)


Machine Weight  (Gross )


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