Atlas480-5D Flexo Printing Machine

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One Stacker

Each group has one ceramic anilox roller(5pc)(Lpi is optional)

Three sets of printing cylinder(3×5=15pc)

With web guiding

With a lamination station

With a magnetic cylinder

One unwinding tension controller(Mitsubishi, Japan)

One rewinding tension controller(China)

With a sheeting station

Video monitor

Purchase Configuration

UV Varnishing

Cold Stamping

1. Adopt the ceramic anilox roller to spread ink

2. Unwinding and rewinding are controlled by magnetic power brake, clutch, (or by automatic tension controller of mitsubish, made in Japan)

3. Each printing unit adopt 360° for registration

4. Each printing unit have one IR drier

5. The rubber roller can break away automatically while parking, and running at a low speed, in order to avoid ink being dry

6. The main motor is adopted the import stepless regulation of frequency conversion

7. Unwinding, web guiding, printing, varnishing(UV), IR drying, laminating, rotary die cutting, discharging the waste and rewinding can be finished in  one process. This is an ideal machine for printing factories to print many kinds of labels

Technical Specifications


Printing Speed


Printing Color


Max. Web Width


Max. Printing Width


Max. Unwinding Diameter


Max. Rewinding Diameter


Printing Girth


Precision Of Chromatography


Dimensions (L×W×H)


Machine Weight

About 3500KGS


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