• What are the types of printing machines?

    What are the types of printing machines?

    Machinery and equipment printing presses are divided into letterpress, lithography, gravure printing and stencil printing presses according to the printing method; Division by type of printing plate. 1. Letterpress printing machine: equipment that uses letterpress for the printing process, such a...
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  • The difference between gravure printing machine and flexo printing machine

    The difference between gravure printing machine and flexo printing machine

    The technology of the electronic device shaft transmission system should arise from time to time, which can effectively fill this shortcoming. The basic working principle of the gravure printing machine is based on the industrial control system electronic computer (IPC, hereinafter referred to as...
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  • Printing press type

    Printing press type

    Printing press type, classification method, each type, but important. 1. Proportional printing plate type division letterpress printing desk, flat plate printing desk, concave printing printing printing printing desk, stencil printing desk. 2. Proportional printing 宽 Width 讽 Width printing desk...
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  • How to ensure the quality of printing equipment installation

    How to ensure the quality of printing equipment installation

    Because the relocation equipment is different, it is also different. When large and medium-sized color printing factories are relocated, the most important thing is the loading, unloading and installation of printing equipment. Choosing a professional can ensure the safety of equipment packaging ...
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  • Finat warns of material shortages

    Finat warns of material shortages

    Persistent self-adhesive materials shortages could severely disrupt the supply of functional and regulatory labels and packaging, warns Finat, the European association for the self-adhesive label industry. According to Finat, in 2021, European self-adhesive labelstock demand increased by another...
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  • Harness the label industry’s top drivers

    Harness the label industry’s top drivers

    If there’s anything we’ve learned over the last 18 months, it’s that we need to be adaptable. Still shaken by Covid-19, our customers are making product (and correlated label purchasing) decisions with caution. Changing expectations and regulations have disrupted manufacturing, and shortages in ...
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  • Embracing a circular economy

    Embracing a circular economy

    One of Finat's six strategic pillars, sustainability, dominated day three of the association's ELF Maja Desgrées-Du Loȗ, policy officer at the European Commission, began the sustainability day at the Finat ELF with an update on the latest plans for revising the Packagi...
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  • The past, present and future of digital label printing

    Digital printing has had a major impact on the label industry over the past four decades. It’s now more than 40 years since Labels & Labeling first started to carry news and features about digital printing technology, both inkjet and toner. Printing capability was black-only in those e...
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  • Pressure-sensitive labels

    When you’re looking for a product label, there’s a strong chance you’ll want what’s called a pressure-sensitive label (PSL). This highly versatile label solution can be seen on nearly any type of product. In fact, PSLs constitute more than 80 percent of all labels in the market today. What are p...
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  • Nutrients secured

    Nutrients secured

    The pandemic has spawned entirely new tasks and challenges for the food label market, topping a long list of factors shaping this segment. Increasingly, consumers desire information about the health, safety, environmental and socioeconomic characteristics of food products. These traits often can...
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  • Analyzing hybrid printing

    Analyzing hybrid printing

    Looking back over the past 20-30 years, the great majority of all digital label presses installed to date have been either electrophotographic or inkjet. More recently, the major conventional press manufacturers have moved to building new generation flexo printing and finishing machines, maybe i...
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  • How to improve print quality in four steps

    How to improve print quality in four steps

    1. Select the right line count  The screen specification of an anilox roll is an important consideration which will impact print quality. The objective is to use always the finest anilox screen count possible, providing we can achieve the required color densities. Higher line counts will provid...
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