The difference between gravure printing machine and flexo printing machine

The technology of the electronic device shaft transmission system should arise from time to time, which can effectively fill this shortcoming.
The basic working principle of the gravure printing machine is based on the industrial control system electronic computer (IPC, hereinafter referred to as the industrial production control machine) service platform and the DOS single-task real-time system, using its powerful CPU processing speed and fast data information operation skills to complete micro Second (US) level real-time control; the color control board of each printing module collects the input and output data signals of the color optical scanner in real time, calculates the printing error according to the filtering analysis, and transmits it to the industrial production control machine immediately according to the 100-megabyte CAN bus, and then plugs it in. Synchronous phase difference into the AC servo motor.
The proportion of the added heat and the amount of the hair dryer in the drying box of the printing machine should be appropriate, which is also a prerequisite for the drying of the ink. Secondly, if the drying box of the printing press works on the printing plate, the printing ink will dry on the printing roller, the light screen of the printing pattern design will not be printed, and the connecting color will not be printed in detail. Third, the heat of the drying box should be baked on the film immediately, and the film will stretch. The wind should blow on the film immediately, and the film will vibrate. Film stretch and chatter can compromise the accuracy of the printed module.
For example, the leveling printing is unstable, and the color error is increased: in the whole process of gravure printing, the level error or color deviation of the pattern design is often encountered, so that the pattern design of the printed product is blurred, and the edge has a solid color milky white, which makes the printing color The precision is poor, the product quality is low, and the quality cannot be guaranteed.
Automatic laser cutting technology of gravure printing machine After the automatic laser cutting technology is selected, the whole process of automatic laser cutting only needs to put the raw material roll on the feeding rack, and all the laser cutting postures can be carried out without manual participation. Taking the BOPP film with a thickness of 0.018mm as an example, the fully automatic laser cutting can control the residual length of the raw material roll within 10m. The application of fully automatic laser cutting technology in the gravure printing machine equipment reduces the facility’s dependence on employees and improves work efficiency.
During the repair operation of the power-on gravure printing machine, due to adjustment, fault detection, etc., power-on maintenance conditions will occur. Power-on maintenance is likely to have electric shock risk, electric isolation risk or line short circuit fault flame safety accident, which will cause the body to be electrocuted, electric isolation scald, and electric isolation explosion and impact damage. In addition, electrical equipment safety incidents may also lead to fire accidents, explosions, and power outages for machinery and equipment.
Gravure printing machine products have the characteristics of thick ink layer, rich and colorful layers, heavy three-dimensional sense, and good printing quality. Due to the disordered printing process, long time and environmental pollution of benzene ink to the natural environment, the gravure printing machine has not been widely used in China. Therefore, everyone has discussed and improved improvements to improve the printing process, reduce printing time, apply clean energy including ink, reduce energy consumption, and control costs.
When printing, the device color keeps bouncing. With each step, the printing is unstable, and the electronic computer tracking is unstable. After printing, about 1000 meters is basically normal! I don’t know what the problem is with this. Generally speaking, there are a lot of PET printing, 90m/min printing speed and 6 colors up and down. The coated paper is about 450 in diameter, and the support is very stable, that is, the color setting of the electronic computer sometimes cannot be tracked suddenly during normal operation! Sometimes, if you have nothing to do, just jump! It can only stabilize if the device is turned on for a while. If the specific color setting fluctuates, the computer will change accordingly, and the change index value is consistent with the color scale card, indicating that there is no problem with the computer.
Although Chinese producers have been developing technicalities, the trend of Chinese companies is breaking away step by step because of the general improvement of the operation. Judging from the overall situation of Chinese printing press manufacturers, the key development trends focus on the following issues:
Independent innovation steps to reduce fire safety hazards: automatic temperature and humidity recording operation in the factory area, automatic organic solvent concentration value inspection and alarm system, installation of non-contact infrared sensor camera (see Figure 14), to prevent human error.
Many Chinese printing press manufacturers have a rapid development trend, low standards, low overall technical strength, and a low proportion of the company’s overall strength. At this stage, there are more than 50 gravure printing machine manufacturers in my country, and all gravure printing machine manufacturers at the Drupa exhibition in 2000 exceeded this data. my country: Shaanxi Province 11 (21%), Guangdong Province 10 (19%), Zhejiang Province 20 (38%) and Jiangsu Province 8 (15%). Excluding Beijing, Shandong, Hubei and Hebei provinces, the specific totals will be large. Most of the gravure press plants are located in areas where plastic flexible packaging and printing plants are concentrated, and some of them are in fact coinciding with the development trend area of ​​plastic flexible packaging plants.
Heat pipe technology. When the heating system software using the heat pipe technology is running, the warm air enters the household oven and is discharged according to the exhaust port. The ventilation port is equipped with a secondary air supply device. Safety ventilation system. This part of the warm air is used as a safety exhaust pipe, and a heat pipe heat exchanger is used to efficiently recycle other heat.

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