LR-370 Non-Stop Rewinding Splicer

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For label production, soft material packaging and narrow range of rotary processing industry.
1. Suitable for film, composite materials, stickers and other printed materials.
2. Controlled feeding device for different roll diameter marerials.
3. Two rolls of full diameter material can be loaded at the same time.
4. With (Oblique) angle way docking, synchronous paste glue structure, greatly enhanced the tensile ability of the joints, to ensure that after the die-cutting paper constantly.
5. Unloading the positioning device to ensure the horizontal alignment of the old and new rolls
6. Servo + magnetic powder multi-stage tension control system to ensure that the tension in the paper process is stable

Model LR-370
Max. Turnover rate 150m/min
Max. Discharge Width 370mm
Max. Discharge Diameter 1000mm
Dimensions 2350×1250×2200mm
Weight 1500KGS


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