• ADS-5080C Pneumatic Type Single-Color Screen Printing Machine

    ADS-5080C Pneumatic Type Single-Color Screen Printing Machine

    Technical Specifications ADS-5080C Max.print area 500 × 800mm Screen frame size 600 × 1100mm Max.paper width 520mm Max.paper Forward 800mm Printing speed/rph 0-7000mm Machine accuracy ±0.1mm Machine Size(L×W×H) 3500 × 1300 ×1750mm Machine Weight  (Gross ) 2300kgs 45m-Drying BOX SIZE(L×W×H) 2230 × 1020 × 2050mm 45m-Drying BOX Weight(Gross ) 1300kgs
  • Smart-320L Intermittent Letterpress High-speed Label Presses

    Smart-320L Intermittent Letterpress High-speed Label Presses

    1.Adopt paper reciprocating mode. One printing roller could do the job regardless the repeat size. 2.Adopt servo control system to control every roll in printing system, which make the optimized perfor-mance of machine . 3.Optimization of ink rollers could prevent bar marking and ghosting to improve the printing quality. 4.The supply of ink will change pro-portionally with the speed of the machine to make printing result better. 5.Malfunction of the machine would be shown on the screen automa...
  • APW-450 Automatic Flexo Plate Cleaning Machine

    APW-450 Automatic Flexo Plate Cleaning Machine

    1.The quick and gentle cleaning process is fully automatic and leaves the plates 100% clean and dry within veryshorttime; 2.Alltypesofinkarepossible,andthismachineisdesignedforenvironmentallyfriendlycleaning; 3.After hot air drying, the plate can be 100% clean and dry, and can be reused immediately. The whole processonlytakesafewminutes. Technical Specifications APW-450 APW-650 Max Plate Length 450mm 650mm Voltage 220V 220V Dimensions 2350×1100×1150mm 3370×1350×1150mm ...
  • CC-320-2000 Paper Core Cutting Machine

    CC-320-2000 Paper Core Cutting Machine

    Technical Specifications CC-320-2000 Max. Length 2000mm Precision ±0.1mm Power Supply Voltage 220V
  • CC-600 Core Cutter

    CC-600 Core Cutter

    CC-600 Cutting Tube Machine is a high-speed semi-automatic cutting tube machine, can cut a multi-knife, fast and efficient, adaptable strong cutting range. Can cut all kinds of paper tube, plastic pipe, bronzing film and other coils, the printing, packaging, tape manufactures the ideal choice. Technical Specifications CC-600 Core Width 10-600mm Core Diameter 12-150mm Cutting Wall Thickness 2-10mm Motor Power 11KW Pneumatic 5kg/cm² Dimensions 1750×700×1500mm Weig...
  • PM-320 Plate Mounting Machine

    PM-320 Plate Mounting Machine

    1.The rack construction with the wallboard structure after high-strength holistic processing has great working stability and is durable in use; 2.The 650-line color high-definition camera can reach 70-times amplification ratio, present clear images, possess high resolution ratio, and substantially improve the precision of the plate; 3.The lifting of plate roller structure adopts the gear motor drive control, which largely facilitates the operations of the plate; 4.The complete machine adopts ...
  • PM-450 Plate Mounting Machine

    PM-450 Plate Mounting Machine

    1. Platform structure, no manual prting plate, cross-line alignment more stable. 2. The camera under the home, India roll on the home structure, effectively ensuring the safety of video capture equipment to facilitate the replacement of the India roll. 3. Digital video capture system, the image is more real, paste the board more accurate. 4. The platform 6 direction adjustment agencies, stickers to adjust no dead ends. 5. Rolling version, in a few seconds to complete the paste version of the ...
  • ACM-450 Anilox Roller Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

    ACM-450 Anilox Roller Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

    1.Economical and practical cleaning equipment with multiple remarkable functions; 2.Safe and effective cleaning anilox roller; 3.Equipped with heating and constant temperature system; 4.The waterproof function has been largely improved, which makes the product durable and safe; Technical Specifications ACM-450 The Length of Anilox Roller 100-450mm Quantity of Vibrators 18pcs Working Frequency of The Cleanser 40KHz Total Power of Electric Heater 2.6KW Temperature Control...
  • Lift Hydraulic Manual Lift For Paper Roll

    Lift Hydraulic Manual Lift For Paper Roll

    Name Technical Specifications Model Max. Load 300KG Lifting Hight 100-1200mm Dimension of Fork 70mm*650mm(Diameter*Length ) Inner Width of Leg 850mm Dimension 1050mm×950mm×1430mm Weight 75KG Video
  • GF-K Three motors PLC controlled dry laminating

    GF-K Three motors PLC controlled dry laminating

    Guide rollers inside the oven are belt driven Arch-Shaped drying oven Siemens PLC control system Three-rollers structure for pneumatic lamination Heavy Type Three-dimensional Pneumatic Scraper can be easily adjusted by hand wheels Taiwan Weinview brand touch screen Servo motor for rewinding Name branded low-voltage appliance Japan Yaskawa brand frequency inverters Perfect laminated rolls This machine is applicable for the lamination of two-layers or multi-layers rolling materials, such as all...
  • Helios-370ST Inspection Sheeting  Stacker

    Helios-370ST Inspection Sheeting Stacker

    Sheeter inspection machine is drive by Servo system, Its possible to combined with inspection system, receiving and stacking sheet label automaticly. Taking out defect label automaticly, Its suitable for adhesive paper, PVC, PE and PP etc. Technical Specifications Helios-370ST Max. Web Width 370mm Max. Machine Speed 200m/min Cross Cutting Speed 300time/min Cross Cutting Accuracy ±0.15mm Max. Unwinding Diameter 800mm Max. Rewinding Diameter 800mm Voltage AC380V....
  • Helios-370Z Label Quality Inspection With Slitting Rewinder

    Helios-370Z Label Quality Inspection With Slitting Rewinder

    Inspection Plate system is driven by full servo motor system. Both rewind and unwind choose tapper tension control system, international webguide system. international PLC control system, it’s suitable for Paper, Adhesive Paper, PVC/PE, PP inject printing. Technical Specifications S370 S480 S550 Max. Slitting Speed 300m/min 300m/min 300m/min Max. Web Width 370mm 480mm 550mm Effective Detection Width 350mm 460mm 530mm Max. Unwinding Diameter 800mm 80...