PM-320 Plate Mounting Machine

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1.The rack construction with the wallboard structure after high-strength holistic processing has great working stability and is durable in use;

2.The 650-line color high-definition camera can reach 70-times amplification ratio, present clear images, possess high resolution ratio, and substantially improve the precision of the plate;

3.The lifting of plate roller structure adopts the gear motor drive control, which largely facilitates the operations of the plate;

4.The complete machine adopts the centralized control of circuits, which is convenient for operations and has relatively high degree of automation;

5.The 19-inch high-resolution liquid crystal display provides clear and bright images and effectively alleviates the visual fatigue of operating workers.

Technical Specifications


Effective Width of the Plate


Diameter of the Central Spindle


Precision of the Plate

Better than ±0.15mm

Resolution Ratio of the Camera Lens

650 Line

Maximum Focal Length of the Camera Lens

70 Times

Focusing Mode of the Camera Lens

Manual Variation of Focal Length and Manual Focusing

Gear Motor Drive

Approximate to 300mm/min (Plate Roller)

Overall Diameter(L×W×H)



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