Printing press type

Printing press type, classification method, each type, but important.
1. Proportional printing plate type division letterpress printing desk, flat plate printing desk, concave printing printing printing printing desk, stencil printing desk.
2. Proportional printing 宽 Width 讽 Width printing desk, medium and small size printing desk, large, medium and small size printing desk, double printing desk, all-in-one printing desk, both all-in-one printing desk.
3. From now on, the printing method is divided into one printing desk and one printing desk.
4. Apportioned printing color number division Single color printing desk, multicolor (double color, four color, five color, six color, eight color) printing desk.
5. Root printing division Single-sided printing desk, double-sided printing desk.
In each type of printing press, there are many methods of classification, but in the process of printing, there are three types of pressurizing force, platen ** channel, flat- bedtylinderpress), 圆 pressure 圆 stamp (plate reterpres channel).
One, flat pressure flat stamp desk.
Flat pressure flat stamp printing desk , Graphic image slip , However, large pressing force , Inappropriate large Medium and small printing desk.
Flat pressure flat stamping desk, Chongqing Chongqing small side printing, general small size printing, desk equipment small size, printing speed comparison, low production efficiency, suitable heavy weight Chongqing small side printing, printing book seal, colored figure, Packaging supplies, etc. Comprehensive equipment such as locket printing desk, locket printing desk, document notification printing desk, etc.
Second, a flat printing desk.
Circumferential printing press, printing desk, printing desk, printing desk. At the time of printing, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, and printing. At the time of printing, pressure charge Japanese printing 总 flat picture parallel and unreliable surface touch, reversal line 带 碰 touch, causal printing pressure small, printing 范围 Large, printing speed fast in flat pressure flat printing desk, High, Tadashi Yuu, Hiradai Unrelentingly Healthy Movement, Printing Speed ​​Comparison Limited, Immediately Tadashi Yu Printing Book Japanese Period Publishing. These types of printing desks include one-piece turning convex printing desks, two-piece turning convex printing desks, stop turning convex printing desks, flat printing desks, and hand-held concave printing desks.
Third, a ring-shaped printing desk.
Printing desk Japanese printing desks, column-type printing desks, and column-type printing desks. Printing desk, printing, printing, printing, printing, printing, printing. At the time of printing, printing is done. Printing 滚 滚 滚 軚 滚 滚 滜 械 軰 軚 滚 涰 軰 軚 軚 軜
For printing desks, 2 pieces of line touch, non-defective structure, physical and physical aspects, inevitable evasion and inevitable physical and physical force, quadrature and fragility, can be printed at high printing speed, and can be used for printing. Printing, a kind of rational printing desk. This type of printing desk comprehensive: printing report publication Japanese book-like turning factor, flat plate printing desk, concave printing printing printing printing desk Japanese flexibility printing desk.

Post time: Apr-19-2022