Pressure-sensitive labels

Pressure-sensitive labels1

When you’re looking for a product label, there’s a strong chance you’ll want what’s called a pressure-sensitive label (PSL). This highly versatile label solution can be seen on nearly any type of product. In fact, PSLs constitute more than 80 percent of all labels in the market today.

What are pressure-sensitive labels?

Pressure-sensitive labels are analogous to a high-tech sticker. They can use paper, film and foil as their primary label materials and can be used with a wide range of inks. Since they don’t require any heat, solvent or water to activate, it only takes light or moderate pressure to apply (or stick) them to a product surface. They come on rolls to be peeled off and pressed onto a product using a hand or machine-applied technique.

Pressure-sensitive labels applications

Pressure-sensitive labels are used for everything from automotive products, chemical pails and household goods to food and beverage containers, wine and spirits bottles and nearly everything in between. You’ll find them on a broad range of products.

Advantages of pressure-sensitive labels

Because they don’t require heat, solvent or water to adhere to packages, pressure-sensitive labels are an easy and straightforward label solution. They’re easily applied to containers, bottles and packaging, highly versatile and can work with many types of products and finishes. Different adhesives can make pressure-sensitive labels removable or permanent, depending on your use. Some high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesives can last through extremely hot and cold temperatures. And heavy-duty options can support the weights of bulky labels, such as extended content labels.

Purchasing pressure-sensitive labels

The purchase of a unique, eye-catching label is an investment in your product. Labels are made to drive sales and connect with your customer. The right label should deliver a tangible return on packaging investment by:

1.Adding visual appeal to your product

2.Creating a recognizable brand in stores

3.Making a strong first impression with your customer

4.Communicating key product information

5.And driving sales

Pressure-sensitive labels provide you with the flexibility to create a label that delivers value.

But as you research your next label purchase, consider that you’ll need to select the right materials with all key considerations in mind. That means finding the best solutions not only for your design vision, branding and budget, but also selecting materials that withstand all the environments your product will face. From beverage freezers and household showers to hot summer days and automotive applications, products face specific environmental hazards that impact the materials and printing processes used to create your label. Depending on your product, your label manufacturer should provide solutions for:


2.The outdoors

3.Chemical exposure

4.Extremely hot or cold temperatures

5.Moisture, condensation and humidity

6.And a host of other environmental hazards

To help you select the right materials, let’s take a closer look at what makes up a pressure-sensitive label.

Pressure-sensitive labels2


Post time: Sep-13-2021